Friday, May 22, 2015

Farm Girl Friday's - Week Four!

Good Morning cute people!
I hope you're up with the chickens 
because it's week 4 of

Turn to page 17 in my book…
and lets get started!

First we will be making the 
Canning Season block.

I designed this block 2 years ago
for my Quilty Barn Along
here on my blog.
If you didn't already know…
that's where the basis of my 
Farm Girl Vintage began:)
I thought you might like to see the tutorial
that I originally did for this block.
to go back in time 2 years!

The next block up is my
Chicken Foot block.
I also designed this one two years ago
as part of my Quilty Barn Along

to go back again and see all of my
 tips and tricks in 
constructing this block too.
*Take note that 
I did not always press my seams
open in the tutorials back then…
but I strongly suggest that you do.

I think it's easier 
to line up the seams
and your blocks lie flatter.

These blocks ended up in my 
Silo Barn Quilt
Directions begin on page 92:)

If you tuned it last week 
you already
know that I made a
 Canning Season block...

and paired it up with
 last weeks
Baking Day block...

To make pockets for my 
Farm Girl Apron!

Apron pockets tutorial 
from last week is 

Here's my 6" Canning Season block
for my Modern Mini's
Farm Girl Sampler 
from the book...

And my 6" Chicken Foot block
from Modern Mini's as well:)

I also made another 12" block 
using Feed Company by Sweetwater.
I'll be adding it to my
 Square Dance quilt
on page 118.

Don't forget to visit our guest bloggers 
for this weeks Farm Girl blocks!

Click Here to see the schedule:)

I hope you are 
having fun sewing with me…
If you would like to 
sew with me in person
to find out how!

Tune in next week for more 
Farm Girl Vintage Fun!


Don't forget to 
use the hashtags
#Farm GirlVintage 

and for this weeks blocks;

P.S. Bok Bok!!!

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Modern Minis Fabric - Almost Here!!!

I'm so excited to share my 
next fabric collection with you
during the 
Riley Blake 
Spring Market Blog Tour

Bee in my Bonnet

is my latest fabric love ...
 and I can't wait 
till it gets here!

Modern Mini's is scheduled
to be released in 2-3 weeks…

Even though it's not available yet…
There were some exclusive
pre-cuts sold at sample spree
during spring quilt market.

There were even a few samples
 quickly sewn up
with the pre-yardage that arrived 
just days before market.

By the time fall market
comes in October…
I will have several new 
Modern Mini's 
patterns and samples displayed:)

for this collection!!!

Here are a few photos of 
Modern Mini's strike offs.

Strike offs are small pieces
of each print in the collection
 sent to me 
by the factory 
for approval on 
color and printing.

As usual…
I have included a Fat Quarter Panel 
to coordinate with this collection.

Each panel has 4 fat quarters
and there are 3 different panels
for a total of 
12 coordinating fat quarters.

By the way…
do you like my little
vintage TV's selvedge?

I had so much fun designing this print
for the collection.
Each square on the print measures
about 3 3/4" square.

I think it will be fun to sew 
pillows, curtains, bags 
or anything that 
uses a large scale print.

It's also perfect for 
cutting the squares apart
 and using them for projects 
that need a small scale print….
like mini quilts!!!

Here's the print during strike off approval.
I always make sure they match 
that I have created especially for my collections:)

They are my favorite happy colors…
and ensures that all of my collections
play together nicely:)

I have been playing 
with the pre-yardage pieces
that were sent to me...

And sewing up some of my
 Farm Girl blocks
for our 

I'm using Modern Mini's and 
making another 
Farm Girl Sampler
like the one I made for 
the cover of my book

Be sure to check out 
other new releases
for spring market
during the 
Riley Blake Designs blog tour!

5/15 - Where Women Cook
5/18 - Becky Marie Designs
8/18 - Pattern Anthology
5/19 - Carina Gardner
5/21 - Lori Holt
5/21 - Tasha Noel
5/22 - Lori Whitlock
5/22 - Cinderberry Stitches
5/23 - Eleanor Dugan
5/26 - Simple Simon
5/26 - The Quilted Fish
5/28 - Melly & Me
5/28 - Elea Lutz
5/29 - Zoe Pearn
5/29 - Doohikey Designs
5/30 -Samantha Walker
5/30 – Kelly Panacci
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Friday, May 15, 2015

Farm Girl Friday Week Three - and a Farm Girl Apron Pockets Tutorial!!!

It's week three of our

Today we are working from 
pages 13-16 from the book..

First up is my farm girl block 
number four…
"Baking Day"

It's a simple block and
 it's super fun to choose 
fabric for the 
mixing bowl colors!

Of course I needed to include 
a block about baking…
every farm girl spends plenty 
of time in the kitchen you know:)

Here's my 6" block made from my

I have made so many versions
 of this block in so many 
different fabric combinations…
and I still have fun
 sewing it every time!

Next is farm girl block
number five…
"Butter Churn"

This block has 
three different elements…
the pinwheel center…
the frame around the pinwheel 
and the outside "churn paddles"
I designed it to look like 
a top shot of the butter and paddles
as they are turning.

In the photo above
 I used 3 fabrics in 2 colors 
plus the background.

But it's also fun to
 do it in one color ….

Red…red…and more red!

This is a variation of my
"Sowing Seeds"
Mix and Match setting on
 page 122 in my book.

Notice that I used a
 white print background
for the 6" blocks…
But then changed it up 
for the center 12" block by
using red prints 
for the background.

I love this tabletopper! 
 I think a large red and white 
Butter Churn quilt
 would be amazing!
Or how about blue and white…
Oh wait!
Yellow and White...
or any color and white!

For my 6" block I used 
orange and mint prints from
Modern Mini's

I love this color combination and
 I think it turned out super cute:)

For my 12" block I made 
another block for my 
Square Dance 
quilt on page 118.

Now I have two blocks so far …
 using Feed Company by Sweetwater:)

I can't wait to see your blocks!
Make sure that when 
you post on social media 
to use the hashtags

and of course

so that everyone else
can see them as well!

Okay…let's move on
because I can't wait to show you 
what I made with this additional
 6" Baking Day Block
that I sewed this week.

I even skipped ahead 
to next week
and stitched up a 
6" Canning Season block 
from page 17 too...

Because I decided that 
it would be so fun 
to make them both into
 apron pockets!

I used one of my
 "go to" apron patterns
 and sewed an apron 
(just the same as in the pattern)
except for the pockets.

This is how I made the pockets:

After I sewed the blocks…
I cut 4 - 1 1/2" x 6 1/2" strips
and sewed to the sides of the blocks.
Then I added 
1 1/2" x 8 1/2" strips
 to the top and bottom.
They measure 8 1/2" at this point.

These are the pocket fronts.
For the pocket lining
 I cut 2 - 8 1/2" squares. 

I pinned all the way around
 with right sides together…
and left an approximate 
4"opening at the bottom.

I used a 1/4" seam allowance
 and a walking foot
so that both layers would be
 fed through at the same speed.
That helps to keep things even:)

I backstitched where 
stopping and starting 
at the 4" opening.

I clipped a little
off my corners
to cut down on the bulk.

Before I turned my block
right side out…

I pressed my seams back 1/4"
on the lining bottom...

And then on the pocket front bottom.

Make sure that you press
and not iron!

You don't want to stretch
the opening because it will 
be too large and pucker or gather:)

Now turn right side out.
 Roll the edges out like this 
with your fingers and then 
 press with your iron.

See how easy it will be to press this 
opening together flat?


Do the same thing with the 
Canning Day Block
and then topstitch them both…
all the way around…
1/8" in from the edge…
and stitch opening closed 
at the same time.

Then sew the pockets onto the apron...

Leaving the top open of course!!!

One pocket…

Two pocket!

Hang your apron 
on your pantry door
so it's there for 
your next baking day:)

If you make a 
Farm Girl Apron Pocket

I want to see it!
Be sure to use the hashtag


But wait!
Before you get started…
to view the schedule
for visiting our 
guest bloggers this week:)

They've got some 
cuteness to show you!

Thanks again for joining me
 on Farm Girl Friday:)

See you here again for
 next week's episode ...
and of course 
every day on my


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